Stainless steel rod bar types

Stainless Steel Round Bar is used in different applications. The bar can come in different shapes and sizes. When the bar is round in cross section, it can also be called a rod. Other cross section shapes are called a bar. There are hexagon, square, I beam and H beam types of bars. But only the round bar is called a rod. Due to the differences in the grading, the rod types differ. It is mainly the material difference that causes the different types. There are martensitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and austenitic ferritic Stainless Steel Round Bar types available in the market. The austenitic ferritic type is also called the duplex grade due to the dual nature of the material which contains austenitic and ferritic properties in its microstructure.

The austenitic steel type is the mostly used one. The ferritic is the second most used where the martensitic one of the least commonly used stainless steel types. The martensitic ones have lower corrosion resistance properties but are very high in yield strength, tensile strength and impact resistance. So they are used in applications that require extraordinary strength. The duplex types deploy some of the best qualities of both austenitic and ferritic steel types and are used in applications that require higher strength and higher corrosion resistance properties. 304 stainless steel bar stock is readily available with suppliers because it is one of the most used types. And the stainless steel 316 round bar price is also affordable because it is also another of the mostly used types of steel.