How to Use the Best Features of Summertime Saga Route Guide to Make the Game More Fun?

 Launched by DarkCookie in December 2019, Summertime Saga Route Guide is a great simulation game. The game shows the life of a boy, Anon, who has lost his father. There is a mystery that surrounds his father’s death, and you have to uncover the truth. You can control Anon’s choices and actions as he spends his summer holiday. The game comes with many features that will help you solve the mystery. The points given below will help you use these features and have a great experience.

  • Different situations:You will see all of Anon’s problems before you make a choice. The outcome will be different in different situations. Use this feature to assess the situation and make the decision that you think is the best.
  • 2D animation: Summertime Saga Route Guide has 2D graphics and each change of scene resembles a comic strip. This will help you immerse yourself in the simulation. The animations will help you understand what Anon is going through.
  • Interactive gameplay: The game has dialogue and constant conversations. This is what makes it interactive and more fun. Engage in the conversations and help Anon interact with the other characters.
  • Frequent Updates: There are quite a few updates available. Make sure to install these updates on time, and the game will run smoothly. Updates might also add to the plot and improve the gameplay. This makes the game exciting. You can enjoy new perspectives and a better storyline.
  • Mini-games: Anon’s story is not the only aspect of Summertime Saga Route Guide. You can find many mini-games within the actual gameplay. If you play all these games, you can win several achievement points. The mini-games are usually related to the main game and its storyline.
  • Achievement points: The achievement points that you can win during the mini-games are useful when you go back to the original story. The more achievement points you have, the easier it will be for you to control Anon’s choices.

 We all enjoy new stories, and a mystery makes things a lot more exciting. The features available help make the game rather thrilling. You can easily navigate the user-friendly interface while playing the Summertime Saga Route Guide. The game is not competitive, and instead, it offers a fun story to enjoy in your free time.