How Online Videos Can Help Your Business

When you want to learn a new knot for your tie, would you read a blog post about it, or would you rather watch a tutorial on YouTube?

If you missed the championship match between your favorite sports team and its archrival, would you want to read a sports column or search for the game’s highlight reel?

After a long day at work, how many times have you watched videos on your phone or tablet?

Like it or not, online videos are here to stay.

The stats are in

With the increase of the prominence of social media, online videos have risen in popularity as well, making the need and value of this tool undeniable for business owners.

According to one study conducted in 2018, more than half of customers that view a video engage with a brand. Engagement can come in the form of visiting a website, further research into a brand or product, or outright purchase.

Furthermore, 72 percent of the interviewed customers said that they preferred watching videos over reading text when they want to learn about a company, and its products or services. Eighty-three percent of the respondents added that they are more likely to share a video with their friends if they enjoyed it.

Good for SEO

Another critical area where online videos have proven to be an invaluable tool for businesses is in the realm of search engine optimization.

In fact, according to another study, videos account for half of the traffic from mobile devices.

Embedding videos on your website also increases dwell time. And the more time users spend on your site, the more likely your website will rank well.

Furthermore, online search engines favor videos because searchers are actively looking for them and find them useful.

Live action or animated?

If you are keen on using videos to promote your products or services or even to provide helpful tips to your customers, the next inevitable question to ask is which type you should opt for – live-action or animated videos?

One of the first things to consider is your audience. When you are communicating with your customers, whatever platform you choose to use, the tone is one vital consideration to take into account.

Consider the message that you are trying to convey. If you are marketing a trailblazing product or service that may be difficult to explain, an animated explainer video can break down complex subjects into easily digestible chunks.

Do you need your videos to be constantly updated? Although it is possible to update videos with human actors, things can get complicated. For one, you might need to hire your original cast to star in your new updated video. You might also need to bring in the same production team to ensure that the overall production value remains the same.

With an animated video, you can avoid most of these hassles. Many animation studios are well-versed in producing updates to the videos they produce.

In terms of turnaround times, animated videos are superior to live-action videos. The production of live videos is dependent on numerous factors which can slow down production. These include the cast and crew schedule and location availability. An animated video can be produced much faster because studios do not have the same production requirements as those of a live-action video.

Finally, you also need to take into account your video. Indeed, a video, whether live-action or animated, is a wise investment that can produce excellent returns over the short and long term. However, if you are working with a tight budget, your best option would be an animated video. Remember, you are investing not only your time but also your time and effort.

In terms of cost, an animated video costs about half of a live-action video. The price of a live-action video will include fees for the cast, location, and production crew.

No magic tool

Whether you opt for live-action or animated video, it is essential to remember that merely publishing one (or more) won’t let you attain your goals instantly.

For one, you will need to get your messaging right. No matter how well-produced your videos are, if you can’t nail down the message and tone right, you can end up wasting your resources. For SEO purposes, you will also need to have these optimized.

But soon after, your investment will pay good dividends; that is, if you are ready to take the next step.


Anthony Lam is the founder of Punchy Digital Media, a creative agency that helps organisations grow using animated videos and creative visual content. Punchy has a team across Australia and Asia and has worked with clients such as Apple, Westpac and the Australian Government, running campaigns and reaching millions of people.