Benefits of Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is a form of marketing used by companies and brand to build loyalty and increase sales. With this approach, businesses concentrate on building relationships, generating leads, and increasing sales. Because it is largely based on email marketing, many people use the two interchangeably. Typically, EDM campaigns are focused on email blasts which involve building an email database of customers and directly communicating an offer to them through email. If you are interested in tapping into the benefits of EDM and email marketing Singapore, here are benefits of EDM in your marketing strategy:


After building a significant database, you will have a new market of highly-targeted leads that may convert. EDM is the best way to do it. With EDM, you complement the conventional email marketing with extra cross-media channels. EDM has been known to outperform SEO, content marketing, and PPC in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Trust Building

EDM lets you build relationships with your possible customers and reinforce their trust. Good email marketing is about giving extra value to your customers. If you get people on your mailing list used to quality content, they will be messages from your brand. EDM lets you experiment using other channels to communicate your message to your base of possible customers.