2 Things to Consider when Buying Domain from Web Developers

  1. Domains must always belong to you or your organization

Never let a web developer purchase a domain name for you. Even when they do, ensure that they register domain Singapore in your name only. The exception holds when you have given them a business name. Mostly, the developers might need to list themselves as administrative or technical contact if they are providing long term services. But the domain must always legally belong to you or your company.

  1. Sign the agreement with complete understanding

There are instances when a client buys a domain name, they won’t be much familiar with the technical; aspects of it. Hence, web developers are responsible for this entire process. When domain and hosting is included, ensure that they look after everything and sign the agreement on that basis. If web developers act funny and are wanting money to give back your website, check if the domain is legally under your name so as to retrieve it by approaching the registrar directly and filing a dispute. All you have to do is give them your ID to reset the password for you. But if it is owned by the developer, then you may have to take them to the civil court and determine if it is worth litigating.